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How to Make Use of Warehouse Space

If you’ve been renting warehouse space in NH, you know that its an important and large investment for your business. In order to get the most of your rental, you need to maximize your existing space to optimize organization and efficiency. Tichnor Properties has been offering warehouses for rent long enough to have a few […]

Give Your Small Business Professionalism with a Commercial Space in NH

Successful businesses have started in the most common of places. From basements to garages, a great idea doesn’t need a traditional office space to being, but it doesn’t hurt. Customer interactions should begin with a positive first impression to ensure a lasting business relationship, and the first impression any customer receives of your business is […]

What a Cell Tower Lease with Tichnor Properties Does for Your Business

Cell tower leases aren’t exactly a common topic for most business owners, but there is a very specific market that will understand the value of having property available in the second largest city in New Hampshire. Tichnor Properties knows that investing in these rentals can be difficult to weigh and make a final decision, but […]

What Our “Flex-Space” Offices Offer Growing Companies

Tichnor Properties is always excited to hear about growing companies that are looking to join the Nashua business community. Watching our renters succeed is a wonderful feeling, and we always want our office spaces in NH to accommodate their increasing business. After watching so many successful business owners have to go through the difficult adjustment […]

Why You Should Move to a Commercial Property in NH

Nashua is known for being a business oriented city, and it’s only continuing to grow as time goes on. Great commercial properties in NH are hard to come by, but there are some great options out there for a company of any size. There are a few reasons a company could be frustrated in their […]

Are you facing logistical nightmares?

Let’s face it; if it’s a nightmare just getting your product to your clients, this will stifle sales!

Office space available in New Hampshire

Business is booming here in the state of New Hampshire, and the team at Tichnor Properties would enjoy the opportunity to show you just how wonderful a place it is to locate your company.

Tax breaks are available in New Hampshire!

If you are considering expanding or relocating your business, there is plenty of commercial property in New Hampshire, and one of the most financially sound decisions you could make would be to move into the state of New Hampshire.

If your business is cramped for storage space…

If you’re finding that you are running out of space for product or just general storage at your facility, maybe it is time for you to expand and look for New Hampshire warehouse space!

Is your business growing in New Hampshire?

If you currently have a business that exists in New Hampshire, or you are in another area looking to grow your business in the New Hampshire region, we are here to help!


"Having worked with the team at One Chestnut Street Business Center for over 5 years now, we highly recommend this space for any small business that requires clean and ready-to-use office space."


How A Quality Office Space Boosts Morale

If you currently have a business that exists in New Hampshire, or you are in another area looking to grow your business in the New Hampshire region, we are here to help!